Axer Towing & Recovery




Our Service

We operate around the clock and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Heavy Towing


Our iconic CH50 Challenger 50-ton wrecker can get you out of all sorts of trouble.

Deck Truck / Light Towing


We can haul your vehicles or equipment safely on our flat deck.

Roadside Assistance


We can get you out of any sort of trouble on the roads, including lockouts, tire changes, fuel and more.



We can free up some space in your yard and securely store your vehicles, RV's or trailers for you.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our loyal customer base. The bottom line is that our service and our equipment speaks for itself and we stand behind our brand. 

Who We Are

Axer Towing & Recovery can provide all your towing needs.

Our professional and courteous drivers offer their assistance in any situation, and are prepared to go the extra mile for your truck, trailer and equipment. We believe that working with our customer with this careful and respectful attitude is the key to business success. We take pride in the old-school attitude of working with your customer and paying it forward.

You can depend on our services which include winching, towing and recovery operations. We cover 24 hour emergency towing and roadside assistance.

We are located in Moose Jaw and are fully prepared to serve the Southern Saskatchewan region. We are a Saskatchewan business for Saskatchewan.

Our Values

Here at Axer we put people first. We firmly believe that a company should not only make a profit, but that a company must equally support and benefit the community in which it is located. With that philosophy to guide us, we put our "family" of employees first, and when you are in need of service you're a part of the family. Even as our company grows, we strive to maintain that caring small business atmosphere. We also believe that caring for the environment and supporting local charity initiatives is a duty that we as a company willingly fulfil.

Contact Us

(306) 313-4869



Our Compound

915 High St. W.
Moose Jaw, SK.
S6H 7P7

Mail Address

Box 303
325 - 4th Ave. S.W.
Moose Jaw, SK.
S6H 5V2